Are makeup wipes really that bad?

Makeup wipes are not formulated to actually clean your skin. They are formulated to break down makeup. Your face might look makeup free when you’re done, but these wipes don’t actually cleanse your skin and tend to leave behind a residue that isn’t doing your skin any favors.

What should you use instead of makeup wipes?

Makeup Wipe Alternative 1: Micellar Water. Makeup Wipe Alternative 2: Oil Cleansing. Makeup Wipe Alternative 3: Gel Cleanser. Makeup Wipe Alternative 4: Cream Cleanser. Makeup Wipe Alternative 5: Soap and Water.

Why you should ditch makeup wipes?

Prolonged use of makeup wipes can cause dehydration in the skin as they strip the skin from its natural oils. Face wipes are also full of preservatives and chemicals which are bad for your skin. These harsh chemicals stick around on the skin after you’ve used the makeup wipe, irritating the skin.