Did Kat break up with Mike?

Hearing your favorite internet couple broke up can be heartbreaking. Fans of the Stickler family felt that pain when Kat and Mike announced in March 2021 that they were going their separate ways after amassing a following of more than six million people through their family prank content.

What does Mike Stickler do for a living?

Michael Stickler is a best-selling author and internationally sought-after speaker. His highly acclaimed work includes Cliven Bundy: American Terrorist Patriot, Journey to Generosity, and Life Without Reservation.

What is Mike Stickler doing now?

The young couple has taken the platform by storm and now, as a result, are the hosts of HGTV’s newest podcast, HGTV Obsessed. Considering the vast number of followers the Sticklers have on TikTok — a whopping 5.3 million — you might not think that this new role would faze the couple, but that’s not the case.