Why did Cassie file restraining order against Colton?

Why did Cassie file restraining order against Colton?

Court documents revealed that Colton had also been harassing Cassie through text messages at one point pretending to be an anonymous stalker. In the text messages Colton accuses Cassie of being “a selfish person who isn’t ready to be loved” and said she was “shady.”

What did Colton Underwood do to Cassie?

The California native later filed a temporary restraining order against the former football player, 30, alleging that he stalked and harassed her. The restraining order was dropped in November 2020, and five months later, Underwood came out as gay.

What happened Cassie Randolph?

Randolph and Underwood announced their split in May 2020. That September, she filed a restraining order against him for alleged harassment and stalking but dropped it nearly two months later. Underwood came out as gay in April 2021.

What was Cassie’s big secret?

Season 2, Episode 5 of Euphoria is a rollercoaster of emotions as Rue experiences withdrawal, but in the midst of all the chaos, Cassie’s darkest secret gets spilled in the most unlikely way. Maddy finds out that Cassie has been having sex with Nate behind her back, which turns Maddy into Cassie’s worst enemy.