When did Dan break up with Jess?

The pair are said to have split right after the final episode, with Jess revealing that Dan had ended things when a clip surfaced of her admitting to finding fellow contestant Nic Jovanovic attractive.

What happened to Dan and Jess?

What happened to Jessica Seracino and Dan Holmes? Jessica and Dan didn’t rekindle their romance after they left the process but instead went their separate ways. She returned to her hometown of Melbourne where, in February 2022, she was pictured with a mystery man on a shopping trip.

How long did Jess and Dan last?

“But I wouldn’t take back what I had with Dan because what I had was with him was special to me. “It was a learning curve but it was something I needed to learn to be the person I am today.” Jess and Dan dated for five months after the show, and she moved to the Gold Coast to make things work.