What inspired Eminem to rap?

It was Em’s mother who took him to see Talking Heads and Stevie Nicks (the boy liked ‘Rhiannon’, apparently), but it was her half-brother, Uncle Ronnie, who turned him onto hip hop, playing the 12-year-old Ice T’s ‘Reckless’ in 1984. A flood of music followed as hip-hop’s “golden age” unfurled over the next decade.

How did Eminem start rapping?

Eminem began rapping when he was 14 in an early duo with a high school friend, then established himself in Detroit’s battle rap scene at clubs such as the Hip Hop Shop.

Who helped Eminem start his career?

Dre was so impressed that he signed Eminem to his Interscope Records label. In 1999, after two years of working with Dre, Eminem released The Slim Shady LP. The heavily hyped record became an instant success, going on to sell over three million copies.

Who was Eminem’s biggest inspiration?

By the time of the 45th Annual GRAMMY® Awards in 2003, Eminem was a worldwide superstar. Showing his love for hip-hop, he took the opportunity to shout out the artists who inspired his career—a move which gave some much deserved shine to talents like Masta Ace, Kool G Rap, and Boogie Down Productions.