Did Chase and Emmy breakup?

Congratulations are in order for Chase Chrisley and longtime (on-and-off) girlfriend Emmy Medders. After breaking up in August of 2021, the duo reunited in the spring of the following year. By August, they were attending weddings together and now it looks like there’s another wedding on the horizon.

Are Chase and Emmi together?

Chase Chrisley Is Engaged to Emmy Medders: Inside His Baseball Stadium Proposal with 175K Rose Petals! “I don’t know if I want to stretch it that big,” Chrisley said, referencing his own family. Medders is open to whatever life brings them, adding, “That’s a lot, but you never know.”

What does Emmy Medders do for a living?

Emmy Medders – Personal Assistant – Jenson Strategic Partners, LLC | LinkedIn.

Why did Chase and Amy break up?

In Season 8 of Chrisley Knows Best, Emmy was complaining that her boyfriend would stand her up to hang out with his friends, and in turn, Chase complained that she was constantly calling or texting. He didn’t feel that he needed to communicate with Emmy so much throughout the day.