Why were Kelly and Jesse not in Saved by the Bell?

And, as with many shows that request new seasons out of the blue, it’s a simple facet of the industry that not everyone will come along for the ride. So why did Jessie and Kelly leave Saved by the Bell? Unfortunately, neither Berkeley or Thiessen were able to reach new terms.

Why is Zack and Kelly not in Saved by the Bell?

Another likely reason for not including the likes of Zack, Kelly, and Lisa in every Saved By The Bell season 2 episode was so as not to overshadow the new generation.

Was Kelly pregnant in Saved by the Bell?

But then, after Kelly finally arrives, a uncommon “Saved By the Bell” bombshell is dropped — Kelly is pregnant. “On the down side I’ll probably be grounded for life, but on the plus side, I got Kelly Kapowski pregnant,” Zack said enthusiastically during one of his patented “timeouts.”