Why was Jschlatt not on Twitch?

Jschlatt gave a quick summary on his YouTube channel as to why exactly his two-year hiatus took place: “I used to stream on Twitch, mostly Minecraft and then post it on YouTube.” “But I felt like I couldn’t do anything else, because that’s all people really wanted to watch.

Is Jschlatt coming back to Twitch?

Streamer and YouTuber Jschlatt announced that he plans to return to Twitch this Friday at 8pm EST. His return follows nearly two years of absence from the platform. He has teased his return to streaming a couple of times in 2021, and now he is finally following through.

Why did Jschlatt get kicked off Dream SMP?

He first interacted with the Dream Team when he joined the Dream SMP without Dream’s permission and was subsequently banned. He later became friends with Dream through playing Among Us games and chatting on TommyInnit’s streams.