Why is Dan out of Lucifer?

Later, Amenadiel finds out Dan went to hell instead of heaven, due to unresolved guilt he had from his time on Earth. Many thought that’d be the end of Dan, but it turns out, season six had more for his story.

Why did Espinoza leave Lucifer?

His relationship with Lucifer came to a head in the fourth season, when he blamed the fallen angel for Charlotte’s (Tricia Helfer) death. He tried to numb the pain he felt, but it caused him to suffer a breakdown in season five.

Why did Lucifer end the way it did?

Lucifer ended with the Devil finding his calling, reforming Hell so he could help the souls down there free themselves from their guilt and ascend to Heaven. It’s a worthwhile cause, but one that comes with the steep price of him not returning to Earth.

Is Kevin Alejandro still in Lucifer?

The Good Doctor Cast Through The Years Actor Kevin Alejandro, who played Detective Dan Espinoza in all six seasons of Netflix drama Lucifer, has landed a major new TV role in CBS pilot Cal Fire, a drama about a firefighting program in northern California.