Who started skin bleaching?

The practice of skin lightening has dated to 200 BCE. The Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks used honey with olive oil for purposes of lightening their skin [3, 4]. Ancient Greek men and women used white lead face masks.

How did Nicki Minaj get lighter skin?

Legions of lovers watched her each pass. Nicki Minaj’s skin whitening isn’t always the most effective body expansion she has accomplished, because the superstar has had a plastic surgical procedure to improve several different frame functions.

Why do South Africans bleach their skin?

Skin bleaching in South Africa cannot be attributed exclusively to colonialism or apartheid; however, both concepts play an important role in determining the reasons for self-hatred and low self- esteem that push some South Africans to bleach their skin(Charles, 2003; Blay 2007; 20011; Thomas, 2008; de Souza, 2008; …

What rapper is bleaching their skin?

Lil Uzi Vert is acting rather strangely on social media but, then again, this is the man who once installed a $24 million diamond in his forehead. It all started when the rapper took to Twitter to declare, “Bleaching my skin need umbrella,” accompanied by a big eye emoji.