Is Jared back on Brokenwood mysteries?

Look who’s back! Pana Hema-Taylor returns to #TheBrokenwoodMysteries as fan favourite Jared on Sunday at 8.30pm on Prime TV.

Who replaced Nic Sampson in Brokenwood mysteries?

It will also move from Prime to a new home on TVNZ 1 later in the year. Rawiri is playing Detective Constable Daniel Chalmers, replacing Nic Sampson’s character Detective Constable Sam Breen, who heads off on a sabbatical in the series.

Is there going to be a season 8 of Brokenwood mysteries?

‘The Brokenwood Mysteries’ Season 8 premieres Monday 26th September 2022 at 8pm on UKTV Drama.

Why did Brokenwood mysteries end?

Although, like all shows, The Brokenwood Mysteries had to take a break from filming during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, one of the show’s beloved characters, detective constable Sam Breen, played by Nic Sampson, had to leave the show after seven seasons.