Who did Nicki Minaj block?

While Nicki is no stranger to tension in the game, fans have been wondering why she blocked Yung Miami (real name: Caresha Brownlee) on social media. The City Girls rapper has never openly dissed or criticized Nicki, but word on social media tells otherwise. So, why did Nicki Minaj block Yung Miami?

Is Nicki and JT beefing?

JT and Nicki recently mended their friendship as the former acknowledge their previous beef – supporting Nicki from their comeback.

What has Nicki Minaj been accused of?

Nicki Minaj dropped from lawsuit accusing her of harassing husband’s sex assault victim. The rapper paid over $300,000 to defend herself and plans to fight to recover the legal fees, her attorney said.

How long was Nicki Minaj’s husband locked?

He served about four and a half years in prison, and as a condition of his conviction, he must register as a sex offender whenever he moves. He and Minaj moved to California after marrying, and have a 2-year-old son.