Who was Niki Lauda first wife?

His mother was called Elisabeth. Lauda had two sons with first wife the Chilean-Austrian Marlene Knaus (married 1976, divorced 1991): Mathias, a race driver himself, and Lukas, who acted as Mathias’s manager. In 2008, he married Birgit Wetzinger, a flight attendant for his airline.

Did Lauda’s wife stay with him?

In 1991, after 15 years of marriage and two children, Niki Lauda and his historical companion Marlene Knaus split up, without indicating the reason. Since then she is no longer in the spotlight but doesn’t seem to have new relationships.

What caused James Hunt’s death?

James Hunt

What caused Niki Lauda’s accident?

While many assumed that Lauda’s accident resulted from a mechanical failure, that wasn’t the case. In between the fast left curve and the Bergwerk right curve, Lauda mistimed his recovery from taking a sharp bend to the right. He lost control of the car and rammed into the fencing and earth bank.