What did Tony Montana do to Sosa?

Montana then executes Sosa by shooting him 30 times with an AK-47, unloading the entire magazine, leaving his bullet riddled corpse slumped against his couch.

Does Tony kill Sosa?

In the ensuing battle, Tony kills Sosa and shoots his dead body repeatedly in rage, wishing him a “nice trip” to Hell. As Tony walks out the stronghold, a henchmen of Sosa who survived the battle begged him for mercy.

Why did Sosa kill Omar in Scarface?

Why did Sosa have Omar Suarez hanged from the helicopter? Sosa’s associate saw Omar at lunch and recognized him as a police informer. At least, that’s what he tells Tony.

Who betrayed Tony Montana in Scarface?

Geno Silva, ‘Scarface’ assassin who killed Tony Montana, dies at 72.