Why was Aunt May Killed In No Way Home?

And it turns out that No Way Home’s big death was changed as a result of COVID. About halfway through Spider-Man: No Way Home’s runtime, Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May dies after sustaining an injury from the Green Goblin.

Will Aunt May come back to life?

Actor Marisa Tomei hinted at her potential return as Aunt May in the future Spider-Man film, all thanks to the concept of Multiverse, which is expected to turn the tables in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Actor Marisa Tomei, who plays Aunt May Parker in Spider-Man movies said there’s a scope for her return to the MCU.

Why was Aunt May killed in Spider-Man?

As Sommers said, May’s death was born from a desire to give Holland’s Peter the loss the other Peters experienced, and while the MCU had the character grieve Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), this is far more in line with the Uncle Ben loss.

Did they kill off Aunt May?

Aunt May (played by Marisa Tomei) dies at a crucial moment in the film that sets Tom Holland’s Peter up for a massive change to decide what kind of hero he wants to be. Sommers reveals that the way the scene unfolds on screen isn’t the manner they had always planned.