Did Tobey and MJ end up together?

Peter and Mary Jane never remarried. The choice made it easier for Marvel to align the comics with the Spider-Man movie canon, which featured an unmarried, will-they-won’t-they Peter and Mary Jane.

Why did Mary Jane kiss Spiderman?

It’s the defining image of Peter and MJ’s relationship. It represents what modern love is today. In Spider-Man 2, Mary Jane kisses her astronaut fiancé upside down, not because she thinks he might be Spider-Man, but because she’s in love with someone else.

Why was Spider-Man Tobey Maguire Cancelled?

According to Deadline, Raimi told Sony he couldn’t move forward creatively with the project and the powers that be decided to just scrap the project instead of finding a replacement. At the same time, Sony Pictures decided the best course of action would be to just start fresh with a new, rebooted franchise.