What happened to Topher on That 70s Show?

Topher Grace (Eric Forman) He unexpectedly left the series in 2005 after seven seasons to pursue a movie career, but he did return for the series finale. Grace continued to have a steady acting career after That ’70s Show concluded, appearing in films like Interstellar and Spider-Man 3.

Why did Eric go to Africa in That 70 show?

In the end of Season 7, Eric moves to Africa to teach kids in order to pursue his dream of helping people.

Why did Erick didnt appear on the last season of That 70’s Show?

Eighth season and series finale The character of Eric Forman was written out of the series at the end of the seventh season, as Topher Grace wanted to move on with his career. Ashton Kutcher switched to a recurring guest role when he also chose to depart following the seventh season.