Why did Vicky break up with Brooks?

Vicki later filed a lawsuit against Brooks in 2019, alleging that he owed her $184,899 in unpaid loans dating as far back as 2011. The Coto Insurance founder later began dating Steve Lodge and the pair got engaged in April 2019.

Did Vicky cheat on Don with Brooks?

Even after a romantic vow renewal, things fell apart. And despite denying it for an extended period of time, Vicki eventually came clean that her relationship with Brooks started before her marriage to Donn ended. While dating Brooks, it seems as though everyone knew he was bad news.

Why did Steve dump Vicki?

I have been living in Puerto Vallarta in my own condo, not hers since the beginning of 2021. We remained friends, but it was clear to me Vicki was still wanting more, which I told her was not possible.” “I wanted to move on with my life and I could not do that with Vicki.

Does Vicki regret divorcing Don?

Keough said after the painful breakup with Steve Lodge, Vicki is truly missing her ex-husband and regrets the divorce.