What happened between Whitney Thore and Lennie?

What happened between Whitney Thore and Lennie?

Whitney had a brief romance with Lennie, who she dated until 2016; however, they remained good friends. Nonetheless, Whitney continues to deny that anything is going on between them and is still dating her French boyfriend.

Do Lennie and Whitney get back together?

No, judging by Whitney’s Instagram posts, she and Lennie are no longer in an official relationship as of the Fall of 2022. Tal said during the mudbath MBFFL episode that Whitney’s relationship was “open”.

Is Whitney dating the Frenchman?

At the start of the vacation, Thore — who is in a long-distance relationship with her French boyfriend — reveals that she is now in an open relationship. “I have big news… about the Frenchman,” the reality star hesitantly says.

Is Whitney still with the Frenchman 2022?

TLC’s Whitney Way Thore has found a new way to deal with the challenge of a long-distance romance. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star hasn’t broken up with her unnamed French boyfriend, aka the Frenchman. But the pair do have some new ground rules in their relationship.