Why did Francesca not come back Below Deck?

The Below Deck star was cut from the crew during a February 2021 episode in season 8. Francesca Rubi told Elizabeth that her work ethic was lacking, leading to her dismissal from the charter.

Will Francesca Rubi return to Below Deck?

Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach has opened up about Francesca Rubi’s exit from the series. Francesca appeared on season eight of Below Deck as a replacement for longtime chief stewardess Kate Chastain, but she wasn’t asked back for season nine.

Was Francesca a good chief stew?

Below Deck (Season 8) To make matters worse, Francesca wasn’t the uplifting leader that the interior needed. She often talked behind the crew’s backs and was not good at managing a group of people. Because of her lazy management style, she was not the best chief stew in the franchise.

Is Francesca still in yachting?

The Below Deck chief stew revealed what she’s currently working on. Francesca Rubi is adding some new skills to her already impressive resume. The Below Deck chief stew is exploring a new passion — and it’s on land.