Is Bailee Madison and Maia Mitchell related?

They’re like actual sisters, but without any of that pesky sibling rivalry getting in the way. The funniest thing is that Madison actually has a sister in showbusiness: actress Kaitlin Riley. She’s had a few roles in movies like From Justin to Kelly and Monster.

Are Callie and her half sister really related?

In real life, actresses Bailee Madison (Sophia Quinn) and Maia Mitchell (Callie Jacob) are not related and their similar appearances are possibly a result of good casting.

Are the sisters on The Fosters related?

Callie Adams Foster (formerly Callie Jacob) (Maia Mitchell) is the adoptive daughter of Stef and Lena, adoptive sister to Brandon, Mariana, and Jesus, and maternal half-sister to Jude.

How are Callie and Mariana related?

They are foster and adoptive sisters. Mariana and Callie originally didn’t like one another, however, they became best friends after the got to know each other more. They told each other a lot of secrets growing up. They were forced to share a room when Callie’s living situation with the Fosters became more permanent.