Are Loki variants from different universes?

Doctor Strange 2 confirmed that fact, which the MCU first introduced on Loki, where Variants and the many versions of He Who Remains fought a Multiversal War. Some Variants look like exact copies of each other, and their worlds have similar histories. But even those can have significant differences.

What makes someone a variant in Loki?

The enigmatic Time Variance Authority from Loki has the most cohesive vision of what exactly variants are. According to them, variants are people that diverge from a selected “main” timeline and create another timeline with events and history that differ from the original.

Are Loki variants the same person?

While the characters spent all of Loki Season 1 developing a bond, some viewers saw their feelings for each other as borderline incestuous because they’re variants of the same character. But this was a weird line the show rode all season.

Is Mobius a Loki variant?

Mobius M. Mobius was Loki’s liaison with the TVA and the agent who recruited him to help apprehend another variant of Loki. Played by Owen Wilson, the MCU character is the spitting image of the comic book version, down to his charming mustache.