How do I get my big toe to stop hurting?

How do I get my big toe to stop hurting?

Ice and heat therapy can also help soothe big toe pain. The cold helps relieve inflammation, while heat helps boost circulation and bring oxygen and nutrients to the joints in the foot.

When should I worry about toe pain?

Here are some signs that the toe pain might be serious. You should seek medical help right away if: Signs of infection occur (such as spreading redness, red streak, warmth) Joint swelling with fever.

What are the first signs of arthritis in toes?

Common symptoms of toe arthritis may include: You have pain in the toes that can take hours or days to subside. You have swelling and inflammation around the toe joints. With rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, swelling and edema is associated with redness.

Why do my big toes hurt at night?

Osteoarthritis and Hallux Rigidus Once this cartilage wears down it results in bone on bone action at the joint. This bone on bone action, over time can lead to both pain and stiffness. This stiffness limits range of motion and the pain can be both whilst weight bearing and also at night.