What happens if you don’t shoe a horse?

Increased risk of injury: Although proper hoof maintenance and good nutrition can help to build up the strength and resilience of the hoof and sole, there will always be a chance that the horse may suffer a stone bruise or other injury during work.

Why do horses need shoes but not wild horses?

Most wild horses don’t need horseshoes for a couple of reasons. First, they have genetically tough, strong, healthy hooves, so they don’t need to protect their feet. Second, wild horses’ hooves are constantly worn down by running and walking on hard surfaces.

Do horses really need shoes?

Horses that pull abnormal or excessive loads require shoes to prevent their hooves from wearing down unevenly or abnormally. Shoes are often used to protect and support the hooves of racing and other performance horses. Farriers may also apply horseshoes for therapeutic purposes.