What does Josh Blue do now?

Today, he is a single father living in Denver with his son, Simon, and his daughter, Seika. Opening up to Brain and Life in 2012, Josh explained that despite being born in Cameroon, West Africa in November of 1978, he had to be medically evacuated to the United States after enduring serious complications during birth.

Does Josh Blue live in Denver?

He is a single father living in Denver, CO with his son, Simon and his daughter, Seika.

What’s Josh’s favorite color?

Josh’s favorite color is blue, as confirmed in Colors Everywhere with Blue.

How much did Josh Blue win on Last Comic Standing?

It’s nothing personal; it’s the way the game is played.” Two years ago, he won the $10,000 top prize at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival. He’s also made appearances on Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia and a handful of other network television shows.