Why different decades in WandaVision?

WandaVision pays homage to sitcoms throughout the ages, from the 1950s to the 2000s, which makes the design extra important for setting the scene. Each era is dependent on the furniture in Wanda and Vision’s idyllic suburban home.

Is each episode of WandaVision a different decade?

Throughout the show, the set design in Wanda and Vision’s home cements the episodes in different decades and nods to other famous shows from the different eras. Read on for some set- and production-design details you might have missed on “WandaVision.”

Why does WandaVision start in the 50s?

WandaVision writer Jac Schaeffer reveals the Disney+ limited series opened with a 1950s sitcom episode because it was “disorienting and intriguing.”

Did WandaVision skip the 90s?

—WandaVision mostly skips right over the ’90s and goes straight to the early-2000s, riffing on the chaotic family dynamic of Malcolm in the Middle. Even the fonts in the opening credits are a perfect match.