Why is banner normal in Shang-Chi?

She-Hulk Is the Reason Bruce Banner Was Human in Shang-Chi.

How is Bruce not Hulk in Shang-Chi?

Why wasn’t Bruce Banner the Hulk in Shang-Chi? According to the first episode of She-Hulk, undoing The Blip took more out of the Hulk than we realised. The power of the stones was too great for even the Hulk to heal from; however, for whatever reason, it would slowly heal when he was Bruce.

Why was Bruce Banner’s arm in a sling in Shang-Chi?

He explains to Jennifer Walters — his cousin — that he spent years creating an inhibitor device that he wears on his arm. The device helped heal his injury a little bit, but it mostly kept him in human form all the time. Bruce and Jen are in a car accident early in the episode, and Bruce’s device breaks.