How many kids does Romeo have?

Singer Romeo Santos Has 2 Sons — Here’s What We Know About Alex and Valentino.

Who is the mother of Romeo’s baby?

Romeo Miller has welcomed his first child with girlfriend Drew Sangster. The 32-year-old musician made the announcement on his Instagram on Wednesday, revealing that Drew gave birth to a healthy baby girl. ‘Meet Baby R! That’s my lil twin!

Who did Romeo have a baby with?

Surprise! Romeo Miller is a dad! The musician and actor — son of hip hop icon Master P — welcomed his first baby, a daughter, with girlfriend Drew Sangster, he announced in a surprise reveal on Instagram Monday.

Is Romeo white or black?

Romeo is Black, but his father is not. In fact, the Montagues, Capulets, and royals of Verona have families that are more diverse than entire seasons of Girls.