What is Jacques Brel known for?

Jacques Brel, in full Jacques Romain Georges Brel, (born April 8, 1929, Schaerbeeck, Belgium—died October 9, 1978, Bobigny, near Paris, France), Belgian singer and songwriter whose literate, passionate songs made him one of the most popular French-language musicians in Europe and gained him a worldwide following.

Was Jacques Brel a smoker?

A heavy smoker, Brel died of lung cancer in 1978.

Where is Jacques Brel buried?

Jacques Brel

What does Brel stand for?

BREL stands for British Rail Engineering Limited, which was the engineering division for British Rail until the design and building trains in the United Kingdom went private.

What genre is Jacques Brel?

Jacques Brel

Did Jacques Brel speak Dutch?

Despite doing poorly in Dutch in high school, Brel recorded a few of his songs in Dutch. Some of these include ‘Burgerij’ (Les bourgeois), ‘Marieke,’ ‘Laat me niet aleen’ (Ne me quitte pas), and ‘Mijn vlakke land’ (Le plat pays). The Dutch singer Liesbeth List also released an album of Brel’s songs in Dutch in 1972.