Where is Joss Stone From?

Joss Stone

What was Joss Stone’s biggest hit?

1. “Tell Me ‘Bout It” Our number one pick has to go to “Tell Me ‘Bout It.” Released on Introducing Joss Stone, the song was the first single from Stone to break into the U.S. Top 100. Tapping into an ’00s groove and infusing some suggestive lyricism, “Tell Me ‘Bout It” remains one of Stone’s most enduring hits.

Are Allen Stone and Joss Stone related?

The background: Allen Stone is the latest soul sensation from the States. He is Joss Stone’s spiritual brother, a near relation of him from the Commitments or a distant cousin of our Daley, although to be honest he seems less modernistic than the Mancunian ginger nut with the vertical hair.

Why was Joss Stone Cancelled?

Stone revealed that she has tested positive for Covid. The Joss Stone performance originally scheduled for July 15, 2022 at Red Rock Casino has been postponed. A new date is forthcoming.