Did Kyra and will break up?

Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada The couple broke up in November 2021, with Kyra announcing the split via Instagram.

Are Kyra and will together 2022?

Kyra Lizama – Model However, according to US Magazine, Kyra and Will rekindled their romance in June 2022 and have since acted “super coupley.”

Are Cashay and Cinco together?

Why did Cashay and Cinco break up? After Cashay was dumped in August 2021, Cinco picked her up from the airport, and the Season 3 stars continued to spend time together. They even rang in Cashay’s 26th birthday together in January 2022.

Are Kyra and David still together ex on the beach?

The split was amicable, and we’ve both been coping in our own ways separately.