Did Will Arnett go to Harvard?

He eventually graduated from Leaside High School and attended Concordia University, Montreal for a semester but dropped out. As a teenager, he was encouraged by his mother to pursue an acting career.

Can Will Arnett speak French?

A Canadian actor, Arnett attended French-speaking schools, however while he still speaks French, he has stated that he is no longer fluent in the language. Since his success on “Arrested Development,” Arnett has been able to land some major film roles.

Are Jason Bateman and Will Arnett friends?

Bateman and Arnett have been friends in real life for the better part of 20 years. Along with fellow actor Hayes, the trio met when they all used to play poker together with none other than the Tenacious D duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

Who is the most famous person to go to Harvard?

Mira Sorvino. Sheryl Sandberg. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Amy Brenneman. Charles Thomas Munger. Robert Lee Frost. James Rupert Jacob Murdoch.