What happens to Wills mom?

Later in The Death of a Hero, the true story of Will’s mother was revealed to show she was actually killed by Kord and Jerrel trying to help Halt, and that she and her husband originally came from Norgate Fief. After her death, Halt buried her on the farm.

What does Will Byers suffer from?

Despite being happily reunited with his family and friends, Will was named an outcast by his school, who referred to him as “zombie boy”. He also developed a psychic connection to the Upside Down’s ruler the Mind Flayer, but his doctor believed that he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Will Byers dads wife?

Born and raised in Hawkins, Indiana, Lonnie married Joyce sometime before 1966, the year they had their oldest son Jonathan, followed by Will in 1971.

Why did Lonnie and Joyce break up?

It is implied that Lonnie may have been unfaithful or even physically abusive to Joyce during their marriage, though the details of that era have not yet been explored on the show.