Is Darcy going to be in Thor: Love and Thunder?

When Darcy Lewis appears in Thor: Love and Thunder, she brings her patented levity to an otherwise emotional and somber scene.

Why is Darcy not in Love and Thunder?

According to actress Kat Dennings who plays the character, Darcy Lewis is not in Thor: Love and Thunder. Dennings is currently portraying Dr. Lewis within WandaVision where her astrophysics expertise has already been useful to SWORD.

Will Kat Dennings be in Thor 4?

As far as Thor 4’s ties to TV’s ever-growing array of Marvel series on Disney+, the aforementioned Kat Dennings shows up in an early scene, reprising her Thor and Thor: The Dark World role as Dr. Darcy Lewis, the colleague and sorta-confidante of Natalie Portman’s Dr.