Will Tom Brady get Hall of Fame?

Barring a return to the gridiron, Brady will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2027, when he will first be eligible.

Is Tom Brady trying to recruit Julian Edelman?

The first day Tom Brady joined the Bucs, he called up his good friend Julian Edelman asking if he wanted to join Brady in Tampa Bay. Edelman responded: “Absolutely not.”

Why is Tom Brady not in the Hall of Fame?

The Average Hall of Fame QB has a score of 104. Brady’s score is 252.34, which means that he has had about 2.5 Hall of Fame careers thus far and is on his way to his third HOF career. Tom Brady’s historic career has therefore been superfluous in terms of Hall of Fame candidacy.

Is Gronkowski a Hall of Famer?

Assuming he doesn’t return to the field—as he did after his first retirement in 2019—Gronkowski will be eligible for the Hall of Fame class of 2027.