Is the Land of the Lost on Netflix?

How to Watch Land of the Lost. Right now you can watch Land of the Lost on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Peacock.

Is Land of the Lost a good movie?

“Land of the Lost” is a seriously deranged movie. That’s not to say it’s bad, although some of its early critics consider it a hanging offense (“a pot of ersatz dinosaur piss” says Peter Keough of the Boston Phoenix). “Land of the Lost” inspires fervent hatred, which with the right kind of movie can be a good thing.

Is there a Land of the Lost 2 movie?

“And then, very quickly on whatever date that came out, we knew there wasn’t going to be a sequel. I never thought of a sequel. I never thought that far [ahead].” Land of the Lost opened in theaters across the country on June 4, 2009 to critical and box office disappointment.