Will Pullen The American?

Will Pullen is an American actor who portrays Todd on The Americans.

What was Will Pullen in?

His film work includes Greyhound, Goat and he’s been seen on television in The Good Wife, The Devil You Know, Elementary and The Americans. Proud member of Rising Phoenix Rep and The Actor’s Center.

Where does the surname Pullen come from?

Pullen is an uncommon English surname with a purported Norman origin. “Pullen” is likely an occupational name, arising from the Old French word poulain. There are several variants of “Pullen”, including Pullin, Pullins, Pulleyn, Pullan and Pullein, the latter being the earliest recorded version (1166).

How common is the last name Pullen?

According to the data, Pullen is ranked #3,381 in terms of the most common surnames in America.

Who is Todd on Americans?

The Americans (TV Series 2013–2018) – Will Pullen as Todd – IMDb.

Where was Will you marry filmed?

It was shot in several locations including Fujairah and Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, Mumbai, India and Bangkok, Thailand. The film is a copy of the Hollywood movie Tomcats. Will You Marry Me?