Has Will Smith done martial arts?

In conclusion, Will Smith has dabbled in Tai Chi and his son has briefly trained Karate. Other than this, there isn’t much in terms of a martial arts history in his family and he isn’t much of a fighter.

Is Will Smith a trained boxer?

Smith does have some small experience of boxing training after playing Muhammad Ali in the 2001 biopic about his life. He was trained for the movie by former Sugar Ray Leonard coach Darrell Foster in a professional boxing-style training camp.

Is Jaden Smith trained in karate?

The film’s title is a little misleading, to be sure, because Jaden studied kung fu rather than karate, but it’s a skill that is serving him well. Kung fu, he explains, “helps me with stunts and stuff like that.

Does Will Smith’s son know martial arts?

Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith, is no stranger to the martial arts. He grew up watching his father on TV and in movies, and he even took some kung fu lessons as a child. Now it seems that he may have learned a thing or two from one of the masters himself, Jackie Chan.