What was Will Smith’s address in Philadelphia?

What was Will Smith’s address in Philadelphia?

5943 Woodcrest Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131.

Is Will Smith from Philadelphia?

In 1968, Will Smith was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and he has become a ubiquitous figure in entertainment. Smith began his career in the entertainment industry by singing rap songs with Jeff Townes at age 16, and he soon earned two Grammy awards with him.

Where is the Will Smith mural in Philly?

Driving directions to Will Smith Mural, 4545 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia – Waze.

Did Will Smith go to Overbrook High School?

“As the proud Principal and class of 1989 alumni of Overbrook High School, it was an honor to have Will Smith, who is and continues to be an icon associated with Overbrook High School,” said Dr. Kahlila Johnson, principal of Overbrook High School.