Is The Little Couple coming back in 2022?

Is The Little Couple coming back in 2022?

Jen, 47, Bill, 47, and their children Will, 12, Zoey, 10, have been off the small screen since 2019. The Sun can exclusively reveal Discovery Communications renewed the trademark for The Little Couple on March 14, 2022, despite the show being off the air.

Why was little couple Cancelled?

The duo was embroiled in an expensive lawsuit with their producers, which is said to be the primary cause behind the show’s extended hiatus. In July 2020, the reality stars finally settled their three-year lawsuit against LMNO Cable Group to reclaim intellectual property rights.

Where are The Little Couple moving to?

The family moved to Massachusetts from St. Petersburg, Florida.

How old are Jen and Bills kids?

Little Couple’s Jen Arnold shares rare photo of kids Will, 12, & Zoey, 10, looking all grown-up on first day of school. JEN Arnold has shared photos of her preteen kid’s first day back at school after the summer break. The Little Couple stars recently moved into their massive $2.1million Boston mansion.