What surgery did William Lipton have?

What surgery did William Lipton have?

Less than a week after GENERAL HOSPITAL star William Lipton (Cameron) underwent a tonsillectomy, the college student happily reports that he is on the road to recovery!

Is William Lipton still on General Hospital?

Lipton was on contract from October 22, 2018 through February 26, 2021, and was on recurring status thereafter.

Is Cameron on GH leaving?

Cameron Mathison is taking a break for another role However, the actor decided to return to soaps after Home and Family was taken off the air. The actor told Entertainment Weekly that he landed his GH role after reaching out to the show’s executive producer Frank Valentini.

Is Cameron Mathison on General Hospital?

Cameron and Vanessa Mathison are teaming up on General Hospital. Cameron stars on the ABC soap opera as Drew Cain, and his real-life wife, whom he wed in 2002, is guest starring as an executive coach named Mia on an upcoming episode.