Is William Mapel an actor?

William Mapel is an actor, and director. He is also known as the former spouse of eight-time Emmy Award Nominee actor, Mare Winningham.

What ever happened to Mare Winningham?

The marriage ended in 1994. Winningham later married and divorced artist Jason Trucco. At the end of 2021, she and long-time friend and fellow actor Anthony Edwards eloped. The two have known each other for 35 years.

Who is Ed Harris married to?

Ed Harris

Does mare end up with Maven?

After Maven and Mare were found out for being in the Guard, Maven revealed his treacherous plan for the throne, as he had betrayed her all along, effectively ending their relationship.

Is Mare Winningham deaf?

Of the film’s three leads, Phyllis Frelich and Ed Waterstreet, who play the parents, are deaf, and Mare Winningham, as Margaret, is hearing.

Who Is Julia?

Who is Julia? is a 1972 novel by Barbara Harris that was made into a 1986 TV movie starring Mare Winningham. Julia North is a beautiful model who is crushed by a car while saving the life of a young child whose mother, Mary Frances Bodine, suffers a fatal brain haemmorage upon witnessing this event.