Is William Shatner still married?

Is William Shatner still married?

While William Shatner is not currently married, he has been married 4 times in the past. His last marriage, to Elizabeth Anderson Martin, ended in 2019.

How long was William Shatner married to Gloria Rand?

William Shatner was married to his first wife, fellow Canadian Gloria Rand, from 1956 to 1969. William met Gloria on Dreams, one of a series of screenplays that he had written for the CBC. “While in Toronto…

Did Shatner pay for his trip?

No, William Shatner did not pay for his ticket to go to space.

Does William Shatner have a biological son?

Shatner has three lovely daughters, but no sons,” Shatner’s rep told Page Six in 2016. “Mr. Shatner is aware of the lawsuit, but there’s nothing there because he isn’t his father.”

How many wives has Shatner had?

‘Star Trek’ Actor William Shatner Was Married 4 Times Throughout His Career: Get to Know His Ex-Wives.

How old was William Shatner’s wife when she drowned?

Nerine Shatner, 40, was known to drink before swimming and had been struggling especially hard with her alcoholism in the days leading up to her death, Shatner told police.