Is Wilmer Valderrama still with Amanda?

Wilmer Valderrama is opening up about growing closer to his fiancée Amanda Pacheco since the couple welcomed their first baby together.

How did Wilmer Valderrama and Amanda Pacheco meet?

“He brought his sisters, his mother, his best friend, and the friend’s wife and kid!” They held hands watching Dumbo, and so began their romance. “We threw ourselves into the deep end,” Valderrama says. They were vacationing in Nakano, Japan, when “we made a promise that it would always be us,” Pacheco says.

Is Amanda Pacheco Mexican?

So he very casually texted her. “I was giving her advice on Miami,” recalls Valderrama, who was born in Miami but raised in his father’s home country of Venezuela until age 13. When Pacheco mentioned that she was of Mexican descent, Valderrama switched from English to español.

When did Wilmer meet Amanda Pacheco?

The American model is in a romantic relationship with the famous American actor, Wilmer Valderrama. The duo started dating in May 2019. On 01 January 2020, Wilmer Valderrama’s girlfriend got engaged in a private ceremony.