Can you use a regular projector for Halloween?

Can you use a regular projector for Halloween?

If you have a projector at home, you can definitely use it for Halloween effects.

Can you use any projector with AtmosFX?

AtmosFX Digital Decorations are downloadable video files that work with almost any projector. Many projectors can play these files internally, or you might connect a different device to play the videos if needed.

Can you use a projector on a window?

We often get asked whether our motorised projector screens can sit in front of windows and doors. The simple answer is yes.

What is the best material to use for window projection?

Typically, a blackout cloth or actual projector screen is the best choice for your projector screen choice. Other materials will work, but with some reduction of quality. Blackout cloth is the best as it’s cost-effective and absorbs light from the projector, so colors stand out more.