What nationality is Wisin?


What happened between Wisin and Yandel?

In reality, both Wisin and Yandel went on to pursue their own solo careers, but the main reason that they split up had less to do with their individual music plans, and more to do with “the management side” of their artistic collaboration.

Is Yandel friends with Wisin?

Wisin says his friendship with Yandel is still strong and they have recorded new music together.

How did Wisin daughter passed away?

Puerto Rican rapper Wisin revealed that his newborn daughter, Victoria, has died after being born a few weeks ago with the rare condition known as Trisomy 13. Wisin, who shared his daughter with wife Yomaira Ortíz, announced her passing on Instagram earlier Friday.

Did Wisin lose a child?

Five years ago, the couple experienced the loss of their baby, whom they named Victoria. The little girl died one month after she was born due to trisomy 13 syndrome.

Did Wisin and Yandel get back together?

After months of multiple appearances together and hints of something more to come, Puerto Rican reggaeton stars Wisin & Yandel have finally pulled the trigger: Yes, they are getting back together for a world tour and to record brand new music.