Why did Cambage leave the WNBA?

Why did Cambage leave the WNBA?

Liz Cambage will ‘step away’ from WNBA following Sparks exit to focus on ‘healing and personal growth’ Liz Cambage announced on Monday that she’s decided to “step away” from the WNBA following her midseason “contract divorce” with the Los Angeles Sparks.

Is Liz Cambage done in the WNBA?

Reasons why Liz Cambage left WNBA, Sparks extend beyond player pay mentioned on Instagram post. Four-time WNBA All-Star Liz Cambage has shed some light on her abrupt departure from the Los Angeles Sparks during the 2022 season.

Did Liz Cambage retire?

Liz Cambage announces she’s stepping away from the WNBA to focus on ‘healing and personal growth’

Why did Liz Cambage leave the WNBA 2013?

In a post shared to Instagram, Cambage announced that she has “decided to step away from the league for the time being,” citing a few ways in which she would like the WNBA to improve with respect to player empowerment and support.