Do finger tattoos hurt more?

Finger Tattoos Can Be Painful Since your fingers are on the sensitive side, you may find certain areas to be more tender than others. And because the skin on your fingers is thinner than most areas of the body, it’s likely that this area will be more painful than other parts of your body.

Is tattoo on finger a good idea?

So, are finger tattoos a bad idea? Well, they most certainly aren’t a good idea either. Considering the few advantages and a sea of disadvantages, we (alongside almost every tattoo artist) strongly advise you against a finger tattoo. It is simply not worthy of your money, time and pain.

What do tattoos on fingers represent?

There are several unique finger tattoos, and they include intricate design and color. These little works of art can express your feelings about religion, marriage, work, hobbies, and your interests in general.