Who is the most beautiful weather girl?

Who is the most beautiful weather girl?

Susana Almeida. Susy Almeida is a well-known journalist who was born in Mexico in 1988. Mayte Carranco. Mayte Carranco is a well-known meteorologist who was born in Mexico in 1974. Ximena Cordoba. Ximena Cordoba was born in 1979 in Colombia. Sheena Parveen. Evelyn Taft. Carolina Ramirez. Indra Petersons. Cheryl Scott.

Who are the weather girls on the weather Channel?

Evelyn Taft. Evelyn Taft. Sheena Parveen. Sheena Parveen. Jasmina Mazarita. jasminamarazitaespinar. Janice Villagran. Maria Quiban.

Who is the new ITV weather girl?

Kerrie Gosney has been announced as ITV News Calendar’s new weather presenter. Kerrie joins the team from Monday, 1 August, succeeding Jon Mitchell, who retired on Friday, 29 July, after presenting the weather for 33 years.

Who is the most famous weather forecaster?

Jim Cantore is one of the most recognized faces in weather. A certified broadcast meteorologist and AMS fellow, Jim is known for his live reporting during the biggest weather events of the last 30 years.