What is the most comfortable womens bike seat?

What is the most comfortable womens bike seat?

The Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow saddle is one of the most widely rider-recommended women’s saddles and it’s easy to see why. It’s comfortable, flexible, light and it even looks good too. This is a superior quality design offering superb comfort for all styles of bike and ride.

How do I choose a ladies bike saddle?

Relative to men’s saddles, the best women’s bike saddles are usually wider to provide a more comfortable perch for women’s wider sitbones and the shape and the distribution of the padding might be different. The good news is that there’s a huge range of saddles out there, with designs to suit all shapes and sizes.

Why are women’s bike saddles shorter?

Besides the obvious differences between men’s and women’s anatomy, there are some other not-so-obvious differences. The one that has the largest impact on bicycle saddle comfort is pelvic width. Women naturally have a pelvis that is slightly wider than men to allow for childbirth.

How do I know what size bike saddle I need?

Sit with your feet tilted up long enough to leave a good impression. Stand and find the two deepest indentions your sit bones left behind and mark them both with a point. Measure from one point to the other with your measuring tape in millimeters. Add 20-25mm to determine your saddle size.